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Celtis occidentalis, commonly known as the common hackberry, is a large deciduous tree native to North America. It is also known as the nettletree, sugarberry, beaverwood, northern hackberry, and American hackberry. It is a moderately long-lived hardwood with a light-colored wood, yellowish gray to light brown with yellow streaks.. The common hackberry is easily distinguished from elms and. Noteworthy Characteristics. Celtis occidentalis, commonly called common hackberry, is a medium to large sized deciduous tree that typically grows 40-60' (less frequently to 100') tall with upright-arching branching and a rounded spreading crown.Trunk diameter ranges from 1-3' (less frequently to 4'). This tree is a U.S. native that is widely distributed throughout the east and midwest Celtis orientalis L. appears in other Kew resources: IPNI - The International Plant Names Index. Bibliography. First published in Sp. Pl.: 1044 (1753) Not accepted by. Toyama, H. & al. (2013). Inventory of the woody flora in Permanent plats of Kampong Thom and Kompong Chhnang provinces, Cambodia Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 64: 45-105.

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Facts. The simple, toothed leaves of common hackberry have unequal, lopsided bases, and are rough on the upper surface, smooth below. Warty, corky bark covers the trunk Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data Celtis orientalis unrecorded [family ULMACEAE] Original material of Celtis orientalis L. [family ULMACEAE] Filed as Trema orientalis (L.) Blume [family ULMACEAE Celtis orientalis Hort. ex Steud. Celtis occidentalis pumila A.Gray Celtis occidentalis crassifolia A. Gray Celtis occidentalis cordata Willd. Celtis occidentalis canina Sarg. Celtis occidentalis canina F.Seym. Celtis obliqua Moench Celtis morifolia Rafin. Celtis longifolia Nutt. Celtis laeta Salisb. Celtis heterophyla Rafin. Celtis floridana. Synonym Full Citation Basionym Type; Celtis orientalis Celtis orientalis Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1044. 1753. TYPE: Without data, Herb

Search Plant Name Database. Family. Genu Celtis africana closely resembles and can be easily confused with Trema orientalis. Trema is not as widely distributed, nor as tolerant of tough conditions as C. africana . Also, Trema leaves tend to be larger and more slender, serrated nearly from the base, and the female flowers and fruits are carried on much shorter stalks than those of C.

You searched for: Celtis orientalis Remove constraint Celtis orientalis. Start Over. Toggle facets Limit your search Text Availability. Citation in PubAg 1; Journal. Journal of entomological science 1; Publication Year. 2015 1; Subject. Albania 1; Bulgaria 1; Castanea 1; Celtis 1; Cerambycidae 1 Celtis orientalis Other names i ›Celtis orientalis L., 1753 ›Sponia africana ›Sponia africana Planch., 1848 ›Trema africana ›Trema africanum More Celtis discolor Bongn.. Celtis guineensis Schum. & Thonn. Celtis madagascariensis Bojer. Celtis orientalis L.. Celtis rigida Blume. Sponia andaresa Commerson ex Lamarck. Sponia argentea Planch.. Sponia commersonii Decaisne ex Planchon. Sponia glomerata Hochst.. Sponia orientalis (L.) Decne.. Sponia wightii Planch.. Trema affinis (Planch.) Blum Celtis orientalis L. Taxonomy Loading Content... Properties. Botanic Trema orientalis is an evergreen shrub or tree up to 18 m in height. A short basally swollen bole, heavy branching and rounded to spreading crown. The slender branchlets are covered with white velvety hairs. Bark grey or brown, smooth but marked with parallel longitudinal. Celtis australis Figure 1. Middle-aged Mediterranean Hackberry. Mediterranean Hackberry1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION European Hackberry is a deciduous tree, 40 to 70 feet tall by 40 to 50 feet wide, with smooth, light grey, somewhat warty bark and a wide, broad, rounded canopy, making it a good potential shade tree (Fig. 1)

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  1. URI: http://eol.org/schema/terms/Present Definition: This organism is known to be present in this location or region show all record
  2. Proteomes - Trema orientale (Charcoal tree) (Celtis orientalis) ))) All None. Overview; Components; Publications; Map to UniProtKB (35,801) Unreviewed (35,801) TrEMBL. Overview. Status: Reference proteome: Proteins i: 35,801: Gene count i - Download one protein sequence per gene (FASTA) Proteome ID i: UP000237000.
  3. ates readily and growth is rapid. It's a good tree to plant in new empty gardens needing a tree to grow quickly. It's a good shade tree or street tree although not as tough and cold-hardy as Celtis africana (white stinkwood), it is better suited to the warmer and wetter parts of southern.
  4. Trema orientalis (L.) Blume, Mus. Bot. 2 (1856) Latin for 'from the east', referring to its origin (when viewed from Europe). Synonyms Celtis commersonii Brongn. Celtis discolor Brongn. Celtis glomerata Hochst. Celtis guineensis Schumach. & Thonn
  5. There are no common names associated with this taxon. Curated hierarchies for Celtis orientalis. What is EOL? What's New? The EOL Forum; Education; Citing EO
  6. or foliis

Celtis orientalis L. is a synonym of Trema orientalis (L.) Blume. This name is a synonym of Trema orientalis (L.) Blume. The record derives from WCSP (in review) (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as a synonym with original publication details: Sp. Pl. 1044 1753 Comparison of upper and lower leaf surfaces of (left to right) Celtis sinensis (teeth, when present, don't extend to leaf stalk), C. australis (leaf undersides fuzzy), C. orientalis (leaf widest in basal half). All leaves from campus specimens. Sairus Patel, 17 Sep 201 Celtis occidentalis (common hackberry; hackberry; western hackberry; micocoulier occidental), Allergen Potential: Medium-High, Air Quality Improvement: Low, Bloom.

Syn: Celtis orientalis L.; Sponia wightii Planch. Good set of photographs. Good set of photographs. Yes it is Trema orientalis, that birds love to be around when there is flower (insectivorous) and fruit (frugivorous) Invasive trees such as Celtis, are among the most damaging to the natural ecosystem, as a result of their ability to become structurally dominant. (Agnote 2009). It out-competes and replaces native shrubs and trees (Agnote 2009). Some of the same species of birds, also feed during the same period on fruit of Camphor Laural Find the perfect celtis occidentalis stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Celtis orientalis L. Celtis orientalis L. is a synonym of Trema orientalis (L.) Blume. This name is a synonym of Trema orientalis (L.) Blume. The record derives from WCSP (in review) which reports it as a synonym with original publication details: Sp. Pl. 1044 1753. Full publication details for this name can be found in IPNI: urn:lsid:ipni.org.

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Celtis madagascariensis Bojer (from The Plant List) Celtis orientalis L. (from The Plant List) Colubrina leschenaultii (DC.) G.Don (from The Plant List) Sponia andaresa Commerson ex Lamarck (from The Plant List) Sponia argentea Planch. (from The Plant List) Sponia commersonii Decaisne ex Planchon (from The Plant List) Sponia glomerata Hochst. 3. Trema orientalis (Linnaeus) Blume, Mus. Bot. 2: 62. 1856. 异色山黄麻 yi se shan huang ma Celtis orientalis Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 1044. 1753; C.discolor. Celtis can tolerate wind, pollution and a wide range of soil conditions, including wet, dry and poor soils. Celtis occidentalis 'Magnifica' Characteristics. Full Sun. Partial Sun/Shade. Fast. Drought Tolerant. Low Maintenance. Soil Moisture Well-drained Moist to Average Average to Dry Soils. Attributes Deciduous Fall Color. Flowering Tim

Tree or shrub, up to 15 m tall, with smooth greyish bark; young twigs pubescent. Leaf-blades lanceolate to narrowly ovate, (4.5-)5.5-11.5(-14) x (2-)2.4-5.5(-6.5) cm, acuminate at the apex, cordate or rounded and slightly unequal-sided at the base, finely serrate almost to the base, pubescent to puberulous and scabrid above, pubescent beneath; petiole 6-10(-14) cm long. Celtis occidentalis HACKBERRY Ulmaceae E. North America Location: map coordinates S-21 (northeast side of Laws Hall), N 39°11'7'' W 75°32'36'' Planting history: planted 5/6/10. Source: Delaware Nature Society. (Dr Celtis orientalis L. Higher Taxa: Taxonomy Browser Concept: Andean Bryophytes Bolivia Checklist Catalogue of New World Grasses Ecuador Catalogue Flora Mesoamericana Madagascar Catalogue Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica Moss Flora of China Peru Checklist System detail

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  1. A régi várkert fái közül az eltelt évek viszontagságai ellenére máig fennmaradt több említésre méltó famatuzsálem, amelyek közül a legismertebb a vártól északkeletre álló 3 méternél is nagyobb körméretű Keleti platán (Platanus orientalis).A vár mögött vadgesztenyék termetes példányai állnak. A vártól keletre hatalmas hársak és ostorfák nagyra nőtt.
  2. 16 Celtis occidentalis 60 8 id ős, egészséges, értékes 17 Celtis occidentalis 60 8 id ős, egészséges, értékes 18 Celtis occidentalis 50 7 139 Thuja orientalis 2x20, 2x15 4 többtörzs ű, alászorult 140 Aesculus hippocastanum 15 4 141 Tilia cordata 50 12 id ős, egészséges, értékes 142 Tilia cordata 50 10 id ős, egészséges.
  3. Initial hydraulic failure followed by late-stage carbon starvation leads to drought-induced death in the tree Trema orientalis Y. Kono , A. Ishida , +6 authors S. Aikawa Communications Biolog
  4. Celtis guineensis Schumach. Celtis glomerata Hochst. An Trema orientalis [1] in uska species han Magnoliopsida nga syahan ginhulagway ni Carl von Linné , ngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni Carl Ludwig von Blume

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≡Celtis orientalis LINNE in Sp. Pl. 2: 1044. 1753 ≡ Celtis rigida Bl., Bijdr.: 486. 1825 ≡ Celtis discolor BRONGN. in Duperrey, Bot. Voy. Coq. Phan.: pl. 47B. Celtis orientalis Hort. ex Steud. Celtis occidentalis var. pumila A.Gray Celtis occidentalis var. crassifolia A. Gray Celtis occidentalis var. cordata Willd. Celtis occidentalis var. canina Sarg. Celtis occidentalis f. canina F.Seym. Celtis obliqua Moench Celtis morifolia Rafin A Celtis australis (Déli ostorfa) átellenesen szórt állású levelei már egzotikus hangulatot ad a Déli ostorfának. Levelei hosszúkásan lándzsásak és szélük fűrészes, illetve fonákuk világoszöld színűek. 1 cm átmérőjű, csonthéjas termései gömbölyűek. A Liquidambar orientalis (Keleti ámbrafa) Törökország.

Celtis sinensis line Museum Way, from Bing Concert Hall, pictured, to Cantor Arts Center. Sairus Patel, 29 Oct 2018 Comparison of upper and lower leaf surfaces of (left to right) Celtis sinensis (teeth, when present, don't extend to leaf stalk), C. australis (leaf undersides fuzzy), C. orientalis (leaf widest in basal half) Celtis orientalis Thunb. Celtis labilis C. K. Schneid. Celtis japonica Planch. Celtis hunanensis Hand.-Mazz. Celtis cercidifolia C. K. Schneid. Celtis bungeana var. pubipedicella G.H. Wang Celtis bodinieri Lév. Espesye sa tanom nga rosa ang Celtis sinensis. Una ning gihulagway ni Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Wikimedia Commons memiliki media mengenai Trema orientalis. Referensi [ sunting | sunting sumber ] ^ Under its treatment of Trema orientalis (from its basionym of Celtis orientalis ), this plant name was first published in Museum Botanicum 2: 62. 1852 Entità presente in Conti F. & al. (2005) An annotated Checklist of the Italian Vascular Flora. Palombi Editori, Roma, 420 pp. Per dettagli vedi la distribuzione regionale Celtis orientalis Item data. Item Type: Specimen Family Cannabaceae. Genus Celtis. Species orientalis Collector Anon., See full metadata See comments Collection home page Actions ( required) Edit Item: LINN-HS 1594.7. Celtis orientalis (Herb Smith) Metadata for LINN-HS 1594.7..

View in View Name Sources Download CSV Download BibTeX Bibliography for Celtis orientalis by Page Close Image. Stay Connected. Keep up to date with the latest news via these social media platforms. Join Our Mailing List. Sign up to receive the latest news, content highlights, and promotions. Subscribe Here. Celtis Orientalis, minor foliis minoribus, et crassioribus, fructu, flavo. Coroll. Inst. Rei herb. 42. Date. 1717. Bibliographic Citation. TOURNEFORT, Joseph Pitton de. Relation d'un Voyage du Levant, fait par ordre du Roy. Contenant l'histoire ancienne & moderne de plusieurs Isles de l'Archipel, de Constantinople, des côtes de la Mer.

In Trema orientalis the leaves are usually serrated almost from the base and have a more tapering tip. Towards the end of summer, leaves of Celtis africana may become edged with yellow before falling (photo 259). The hairy Petiole (leaf stalk) is short - up to 1cm long Etymology - The generic name Trema derives from the Greek word for hole alluding to the pitted seeds.The specific name orientalis is Latin for orient or eastern.. Botany Anabiong is a small tree, 5 to 8 meters high, with elongated branches. Leaves are distichous, the upper surface rough; the lower, pale and covered with soft dense hairs, oblong-ovate to lanceolate, 8 to 15 centimeters long. Trema orientalis (L.) Bl. - ULMACEAE Synonym : Celtis orientalis L. Vernacular names : Tamil: Mini, Mena, Amparuthi, Amathalai, Yerralai, Ambarathi, MudaleiMalayalam.

0 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with flora - Celtis orientalis Help Support BHL. BHL's existence depends on the support of its patrons. Help us keep this free resource alive! Donate Now. Featured Content Earth Optimism Explore. Stay Connected Larvae feed on Trema orientalis, Albizia adianthifolia, Celtis africana, Cola natalensis, Chaerachme aristata, Bafia racemosa, Afzelia. Urgleptes celtis (35 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Urgleptes celtis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Schaeffer in 1905

Synonym(s) Homotypic Celtis orientalis L. (1753) Sponia orientalis (L.) Planch. (1848) Synonym(s) Heterotypic =Celtis madagascariensis Bojer =Celtis guineensis. Specimen: K001110795 Family: Ulmaceae: Type Status: Current Name: Celtis orientalis L. Phenology: Collector: s.coll. Plant Parts: Collector no: Cat. no. 368

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Specimen: K001110806 Family: Ulmaceae: Type Status: Current Name: Celtis orientalis L. Phenology: Collector: s.coll. Plant Parts: Collector no: Cat. no. 368 A fás növények közül említésre méltó a dió (Juglans), az orgona (Syringa), a keleti gyertyán (Carpinus orientalis), a déli ~ (Celtis australis), a francia juhar (Acer monspessulanus), a török mogyoró (Corylus colurna), a vörös boróka (Juniperus oxycedrus),. Celtis species are generally medium-sized trees, reaching 10-25 m (33-82 ft) tall, rarely up to 40 m (130 ft) tall.The leaves are alternate, simple, 3-15 cm (1.2-5.9 in) long, ovate-acuminate, and evenly serrated margins.. Small monoecious flowers appear in early spring while the leaves are still developing. Male flowers are longer and fuzzy.. Celtis is a genus of about 60-70 species of deciduous trees, commonly known as hackberries or nettle trees, widespread in warm temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, in southern Europe, southern and eastern Asia, and southern and central North America, south to central Africa, and northern and central South America.The genus is present in the fossil record at least since the Miocene. Leaves (4.5)6-11 x (1.5)2.2x5 cm. (juvenile leaves up to 15 x 9 cm.), attenuate-ovate to ovate-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate; apex acuminate to attenuate; base rounded to cordate, ± asymmetric; margin evenly closely serrate from near the base; lamina ± scabrid, sparsely stiff-hairy (rarely glabrescent) above, ± densely pubescent to tomentose below, ± strongly 3-nerved from the base.


Sep 4, 2014 - Hackberry, Celtis occidentalis. The berries are edible and the taste has been related to that of a date. Native Americans used the berries both as food by simply eating it or pounding it into a mash, molding it on a stick and cooking it over a fire. They also used the berries to season meat. A decoction of the bark was used to cause abortion, regulate menstruation, and treat. Tengo 3 especies en mente: Platanus Hispanica u Orientalis (Platano) Celtis Australis (Almez) Eucaliptus Globulus (Eucalipto Azul) La pregunta es: Que diferencia hay entre el hispanica i el Orientalis? El almez crece tan rápido como el platano o el eucalipto? Vivo en un pueblo cerca de Barcelona (Cerdanyola del Vallés) pero con un clima un. Celtis australis auct. non L.; Brandis. Deciduous tree about 15 m tall with slender pendulous branches, young shoots pubescent. Leaves 4-10 x 2-5 cm, rhomboid-ovate, acuminate, base unequal, rounded, serrate from near the base glabrous or scabrid when mature. Flowers small, pale green. Perianth lobes 4-5, glabrous, lacerate at the apex Use the fields below for queries against specific content. You can also explore TreatmentBank top down

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Celtis orientalis Mill. (ambiguous synonym) Celtis serrata hort. ex Dippel (synonym) Common names: Common name Transliteration Language Country; European hackberry: European hackberry: English-Südlicher Zürgelbaum: Suedlicher Zuergelbaum: German-Latonero: Latonero: Spanish- Classification: Kingdom. Discussion forum: Břestovec západní - Celtis occidentalis, Michael Kesl; 800x600px; 293kB; 19.06.2010 Celtis, commonly known as hackberries or nettle trees, is a genus of about 60-70 species of deciduous trees widespread in warm temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, in southern Europe, southern and eastern Asia, and southern and central North America, south to central Africa, and northern and central South America Celtis occidentalis var. cordata Willd. Celtis occidentalis var. crassifolia (Lam.) A. Gray; Celtis occidentalis var. pumila (Pursh) A.Gray; Celtis orientalis Hort. ex Steud. Celtis parvifolia Rafin. Celtis procera Salisb. Celtis pumila Pursh; Celtis pumila var. deamii Sarg. Celtis scabra Hort. ex Dippel; Celtis tenuifolia Rafin. Celtis.

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Celtis sinensis (binomen a Christiano Hendrico Persoon statutum) est species arborum fructiferorum familiae Cannabacearum in Serica et Iaponia, altitudine super maris aequor inter fere 100 et 1 500 metris, sponte crescens. Fructus parvos edules foliaque aromatica producit. In eisdem fere regionibus, altitudine paulo maiore, floret species Celtis bungeana The following matches were found for Celtis orientalis*: (Your search term was understood as: Genus = Celtis and species like orientalis%) Plant names. No matching entries found in World Checklist; Bibliographies. No matching references found in Library Catalogue; Collections. 26 specimens found in Herbarium Catalogu Trema orientalis (binomen a Carolo Ludovico Blume post Linnaeo anno 1852 statutum) est species plantarum familiae Cannabacearum in Africa tropicali endemica. Folia ab hominibus atque etiam a Panibus troglodytis morbo parasitico afflictis glutiuntur Searches without any special characters (listed below) will return items that contain the exact value(s) entered in the search field 1. Introduction. Celtis L. is a genus of 60-70 species of trees, or rarely shrubs, commonly known as hackberries or nettle trees, widespread in warm temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and parts of central Africa and South America (Keerler, 1902; Hwang et al., 2003; Martins et al., 2015). Celtis species are grown as ornamental plants, used in traditional medicines (Kim et al., 2005.


--Celtis rubrovenia Elmer var. integra Merr., EPFP 2 (1923) 33. Philippines, New Guinea LUZON: Ilocos Norte, Mountain Province, Benguet. Primary forests on hills and ridges, 500-1800m Trema orientalis (L.) Blume, Jarvis, Charlie, 2007, Chapter 7: Linnaean Plant Names and their Types (part C), Order out of Chaos. Linnaean Plant Types and their Types, London: Linnaean Society of London in association with the Natural History Museum, pp. 370-473: 39 The species page of 'Trema orientalis'. Also known as 'Celtis orientalis' or 'charcoal-tree, Indian charcoal-tree, pigeon wood, Oriental trema, gunpowder tree, nalita'. Information about genome files, completeness, GC-content, size, N50-values, and sequencing methods are listed

Celtis commersonii Brongn. Celtis discolor Brongn. Celtis glomerata Hochst. Celtis guineensis Schumach. & Thonn. Celtis laeta Salisb. [Illegitimate] Celtis madagascariensis Bojer; Celtis orientalis L. Celtis orientalis Lam. Colubrina leschenaultii (DC.) G.Don; Sponia affinis Planch. Sponia andaresa Commerson ex Lamarck; Sponia argentea Planch Molyász találata: ostorfa-sátorosmoly - Phyllonorycter millierella. Hirdetés. Segítsd te is az ismeretterjesztést adatrögzítéssel, vagy határozással.Aktív rögzítők és határozók számára a hirdetés nem jelenik meg Celtis: | | | | |Celtis| | | | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever. » Species Type : tree » Botanical Name : Trema orientalis » Synonyms : Trema orientalis (L.) Blume, Celtis orientalis L., Sponia wightii Planch

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